Is my website relevant? How do Search engines evaluate my relevancy score?

Receiving the top rank amongst the millions of websites out there requires more than just luck. Rather, it is almost a science that is measured by Search Engine relevancy and acquiring a high relevance score. This score is tabulated every time a search is conducted and ultimately determines where your website will be positioned in Search Engine results. Factors such as keywords, content, page link popularity and user engagement all play a part in determining your relevancy score. The higher your score, the higher your site is positioned across a number of semantically related queries.

Further, Search relevance is an ever-evolving calculation. What may rank today at the number one spot in a particular search result may shift the next time your search for those key words. These among many other reasons illustrate why it has become crucial to have your site SEO optimized in order to obtain that competitive advantage. Without SEO, your site may be lost in the millions of other websites that our floating around the internet with little to no new traffic.